TIMS Annual Conference 2023

Event Description

TIMS Annual Conference 2023


“Sustainable Innovation for Industrial Development  ” SIID2023



Conference themes

1  Sustainable development in the mining and metallurgical industries and materials technology

  • Strategy of metallurgical industries development

  • Green hydrogen for sustainability

  • The optimal use of Egyptian raw materials

  • The strategy of the Mining and metallurgy department to encourage sustainable innovation for industry development

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship

  • Green steel

  1. Energy, environment and sustainable industrial development

  • ASRT

  • STDF

  • Sustainable development and improvement of the foundry sector in the Iranian region

  • The Institute’s role in environmental conservation and energy conservation

  • Recent water desalination systems using solar energy

3.Sustainable industrial development

  • EU

  • The role of technology and innovation in sustainable development

  • Innovation in energy storage

  • The role of quality in sustainable industrial development

  • The global trend towards the fourth industrial revolution

  • International cooperation in innovation and industrial development

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