The Tabbin Institute for Metallurgical Studies Joined the Research and Learning Forum

Event Description

A new member enlarges the INSME network, joining us from a key country in the Mediterranean area: Egypt is now represented in our association, and we are happy to welcome the Tabbin Institute for Metallurgical Studies (TIMS) onboard. The Institute is dedicated to providing innovative professional skills courses for Master’s and research students, and taking into account the changing needs of employers. It aims to provide opportunities for outreach activities, in consultation with student companies and firms, encourage cross-disciplinary interaction and collaboration by hosting networking activities, social and academic events and deliver opportunities for researchers to develop their global perspectives via the provision of international training.

Importantly, TIMS is part of INSME’s new initiative the Research and Learning Forum: a new and unique SME related R&D capacity development platform for Universities and Research Institutions, created with the scope of establishing a new line of communication between SMEs, researchers, scholars, and policymakers. Through the Forum, entrepreneurial universities, research centres, and innovation hubs can exchange key findings and contribute to the development of relevant and effective SMEs policies and in the implementation of state-of-the-art methodologies. If you want to learn more about the Research and Learning Forum, do not hesitate to contact us at

The INSME team is excited to start this new, fruitful collaboration with TIMS, and today our Network can count on the support of 65 Members from 35 different countries around the globe: 38 from Europe, 12 from Asia, 7 from North America, 4 from South America, and 4 from Africa. We will keep you posted with our next joint activities.

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